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Preparing for Your New Arrival

July 18, 2018

Getting a puppy is always an exciting time. You have searched endlessly to find the perfect puppy for you and your family, you have visited him / her and you have even chosen a name...


Things to think about before your puppy arrives:


1) Where is your puppy going to sleep?

Setting a bed time schedule as well as knowing where your puppy is going to sleep is very important. The best advice I could give would be to set up a cage ( large enough for them to walk about in) put a comfy mattress on the bottom, a little blanket and a blanket or throw over the top of the cage to keep them warm. 


* Do not use the cage as a form of punishment. Their cage is meant to be a safe place for them, somewhere that is quiet and their own personal space. 


2) What type of food are you going to feed your puppy? 

Usually, the breeder will inform you of what food your puppy has been eating since being weaned off of mum. A good idea is to keep them on that until they have had time to adjust to their new environment, as sometimes when you first bring them home, their tummies can be a bit upset. Once they are settled in and a part of the family, you can then decide whether you want to move them onto the adult version or something completely different. The options are - wet, dry or raw. You can find links to articles on each of these here :




3) Check out your local groomer.

All dogs need to be groomed regardless of what type of coat they have. It is a good idea to start preparing where you are going to take your pup to be groomed before they arrive. Research groomers in your local area, read their reviews and view their past grooms to ensure that they are qualified and equipped to handle a young puppy. Starting the grooming process as early as possible is the most beneficial, as it gets the puppy used to it at an early age, making it less stressful for dog, groomer and owner. Professional groomers tend to take puppies after their second lot of vaccinations.


4) How much excercise does your puppy need?

To be a responsible owner, you have to be prepared to take your dog on walks. Puppies do need exercise, but not to the same extent as adult dogs. Over exercising a puppy can damage their developing joints causing problems in the future. Whether you have a great dane puppy or a tiny chihuahua puppy, they all need the same amount until they are fully grown. 


For every month of age, exercise for five mins e.g a new puppy at 8 weeks old should only need 10 minutes of exercise, 16 weeks old - 20 minutes of exercise.


If you have any other topics that would like covered please use our 'contact us' section.


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